Sunday, December 14, 2008

For "ex" RLJ members and all other interested Christians

On the wall of the stairway of my residence there hangs eight framed documents; my Bachelor of Science degree (with honors recognition), my Master's degree, two collegiate academic awards, certificates from two collegiate honor societies, a certificate from "Perspectives on the World-Wide Christian Movement, and finally, a certification as deacon from Resurrection Life of Jesus Church. They will soon be joined by a diploma from MSBI, the Malcolm Smith Bible Institute, which I have attended for the past four years.

Now, I did not say the previous for egotistical reasons but merely to familiarize you with my credentials. I study God's Word on a daily basis and have done so for the past 35 years. I also study it in the original languages. I've given my life to the study of God's word, especially what often appears to be contradictions, and it’s that study that brought me to RLJ and that study that eventually led me away.

This blog is a testimony to the fallacies of the false doctrines of John S. Torell. It is meant to answer the questions of those who came to RLJ in faith, but left in disillusion. RLJ is a revolving-door church, where many have come, but where just as many have left with promises unfulfilled.

I served at RLJ for eight uninterrupted years, as Sunday school superintendent and teacher, as Wednesday night Bible study teacher, as assistant pastor, as deliverance team leader, as secratary of the board of directors, and as a deacon, a position that I resisted but which John Torell insisted that I accept.

Not once in my eight years did I ever see a single miracle! I did see, however, many abhorrent things once I was brought into the inner-circle, and I witnessed the hypocritical behavior of John Torell and his staff behind closed doors.

Finally, his system of “deliverance” has NO biblical foundation, and in fact, brings those who subject themselves to it into more bondage than when they came. There are many instances of corruption when it comes to "deliverance," and this post will be followed by many examples, but I'll add one here for starters.

When performing a "deliverance," the subject is required to write a personal biography detailing specific acts of sin. Supposedly this is to identify the types of demons that posses/oppress the subject. This personal document is handed over to the deliverance team leader, copies are made and handed out to the team members who are strictly forbidden to share the document with anyone else. Mine were always kept in a locked briefcase. However, a woman who still attends RLJ posed as a prophetess supposedly prophesying over those who were going through or who had gone through deliverance. It turned out that she was reading the bios that her husband irresponsibly left on top of his desk! When I confronted them, it turned out that he was also sharing with her things that had been discussed with him in private. This man is an elder and niether he nor his wife were ever disciplined for what they did and they both continue to hold leadership positions to this day!

That is just one of many examples of corruption and false teaching that will follow. But for now, my advice to you is to flee from RLJ, flee from John S. Torell, and don't ever subject yourself to RLJ's deliverance!